Example Nomination: Mary Long

    • This is an example of a type of photo that could be nominated for inclusion in UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS. It's a passport photo of the artist's aunt, Mary Long. It demonstrates some of the main visual and practical qualities that a photo would want in order to be included: her face is clearly visible, and her expression is neutral, yet engaged with the camera in a way that's compelling.

    • Questions:
    • Is she un-American?
    • Why is she unfairly unfamous?
    • Answer:
    • My Aunt Mary emigrated from Ireland at a very young age. She brought up six children in a three bedroom apartment, and should have been famous for this alone. She had a maverick streak. She loved rock and roll, and she fixed her own cars. Mary had a quiet strength in her own identity, a natural dignity and leadership quality that many people loved and admired.